It's that time again...bill time.

Enmax for June (will be billed i n : $220.44
Shaw for June: $94.73

Sub- Total = 315.17
Total Each = $105.06

A Few Notes:

Shaw is less this month then it has in previous ones because I changed the billing cycle.  I wanted the enmax bill and Shaw bill to line up closer to billing dates and thus when they have to be paid.  This will work better when we have roommates moving out on the first, we'll have the bills in before then.

Looking at what we were billed for each month (each month that we were billed was for the previous months usage), there is a consistent reduction in the amount we are paying which means - we're using less!

The only discrepancy's here were from the May and June bills. This is because we were over billed in May and then June was a correction.  For more reading on how much fun that was check out my post last month.

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  1. That's a great comparison! Big differences in March and April


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