Joy - Parking Rates Go Up...

Here's the e-mail I received this morning:

Dear Parker,

As you may already be aware, effective December 1, 2009 the monthly parking rate will be increased to $57.50 per month and for those customers who pay quarterly (every 3 months) the rate will be $170. Please note these rates include GST. For example, those customers who have paid for a 3 month period which includes December, the next billing period will reflect the $170 rate and the renewal rate will be effective January 1, 2010. These rate increases are due to higher property taxes, and increased enforcement/security costs.

On or around December 1st, you will be receiving a notification via email that your OLD subscription payment scheme has been cancelled. You will need to re-establish your subscription after December 1st by extending your parking term under the new rates. You will receive detailed instructions on or around December 1st which you will need to follow to ensure your parking subscription is maintained under the new rates after the expiry of your parking term under the old rates.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your parking space or extending your term please do not hesitate to contact us at (XXX) xxx- xxxx.

Thank you, The XYX Parking Team

Joy of Joys.... it's going from $147/quarterly to $170/quarterly - I'm unimpressed!  


  1. works out to $7.67 a month. not too bad but still a 15.64% increase. So if we look at this on a per month amount it's what the cost of a Happy meal??? if we look at it on a percentage of the old rate, it's a credit card interest rate.

    Any chance you can get cheaper parking somewhere else? when rates go up it's time to look around and explore options and open up the negociating table.



  2. @ Canadian - There are certainly different way's to look at it. What I see is $7.67 that I hadn't planned on spending on parking.

    Unfortunately, there are no other parking options. I am on the waiting list for surface parking at my building (which is $35/month) - but It'll probably be another 6-8 months or longer before I get to the top.

    There's a school nearby that is no longer selling/renting spots to third party's (ie. non-students)and their is street parking.

    Street parking gets ticketed and towed every two hours...and although free, is not worth the headache.

    My only alternative would be to start taking transit, which would mean a bus and two trains to get to work. ugh.

  3. Parking rates in the city are always exorbitant :( I don't think you would find anything below at least $100 a month in the CBD here. Thankfully I only have to catch one bus to work even if it takes almost an hour sometimes.


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