ING - Do you have your account?

I've noticed lately that a few bloggers I read have not yet opened an ING account.  I find ING one of the easiest ways to automate and track my savings goals.  Once your account is openend you can open as many (or as few) savings accounts as you like.  You can create trackers and automatic transactions (if you like) - and it's all free!!

I have my emergency fund, Christmas fund, clothes fund, house fund and an RRSP with ING - all in seperate accounts.  All except for the house fund are single accounts - but the house fund is a joint account with Jordan.  I really liked that we could set this up fairly easily as well!

If you haven't opened your account yet, you can use a referral code to get a sign-up bonus. Mine is 17396382S1 and the link to ING is http://www.ingdirect.ca/en/signmeup/index.html. If you use my code, we should each get a $25 bonus!!

My mom did this a month ago or so, and it worked out pretty well! 


  1. This is something on my to-do list -- trying to get my brother to send me his referral link is like pulling teeth! =)

  2. Personal Finance Bloggers that don't use ING direct. Ohhh the horror of it all.

    Anyways we have ING direct. I still have to make that account joint with my wife, it's something I still haven't worked out.



  3. I really like ING too. I'm a bit sore that their interest is so low right now though. I'd like to find a better bank... But they've made everything so easy that I'm lazy to change banks.

  4. I have been an ING member since 2002... and I absolutely love it, never a negative!


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