Tracking Bar Updates

I have updated all of my tracking bars, and am pleased with the progress.  Here is a summary:

Emergency Fund
I'm exactly $75 short of reaching my $1,000 goal for 2009!  As I don't plan on changing my bi-weekly contributions - but the time January 1, 2010 roles around - I will have reached this goal!

Each pay $50 comes straight off my pay cheque and goes into an account managed by work to buy shares.  I needed to have at least $800 by the end of December to be able to by shares this year (you can buy twice a year), and I've made that goal.  Come January, I will reduce my contributions to $10/bi-weekly as once you buy your first big chunk of shares you can buy in smaller increments.

Both of my student loans continue to slowly decrease, in 2010 I will increase my debt repaymtnts significantly to get these paid off!

House Fund
Our house fund has been on hold for the last few months (since all of our roommate changes), however; Jordan and I will be starting back up again in 2010.  We have been able to repay $50 of what we borrowed from oursleves, and Jordan recently sold another couch for $30 that we will also use to pay back this account.

Clothing Fund
I recently emptied this account to purchase a few, much needed, bras and I've changed this goal to $250 before I go out and buy some new clothes.

My RRSP account is coming along strongly this year - next pay, I'll top it up to reach my 2009 goal.

Things are coming along here - I'm looking forward to stepping this up in the coming weeks.


  1. You've made some excellent Progress.



  2. WTG on keeping to your budget and paying yourself back!

  3. Great job! Excellent progress! Do all of your funds (emergency, clothing,house, etc) go into the same account, or do you have separate accounts set up for each fund?

  4. Hi there. I really like your blog! Question: How did you set up the the tracking bars? I looked for them under gadgets and couldn't find them. I like the idea of being publicly accountable...although I might start an anonymous money blog if I put them up! :)


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