Christmas Spending Update

When I first made a budget for Christmas, I just sort of guessed that $500 would work - well, it turns out that, that, is not a very realistic number.  I have a great many people in my life!  Not only that, so does Jordan. 

Jordan had a great idea of giving gifts as a couple rather then gifts from each of us.  This will allow us to do one great gift intstead of two smaller ones - so, the budget and the spending will nearly double!  Which is fine, because two of us will be paying for everything.

I won't post all the details b/c some of the people we'll be buying for read this blog from time to time - I will say that we are buying for 22 people (not including each other and we also have two birthday gifts in here)!!  What fun! 

Our total realistic budget is about $1,100, though I'd like to  keep it at, or under, $1,000.  We'll be spending anywhere from $15 (secret santa at work) to $150 (close family) a person.   This past weekend we spent just under $400 on Christmas presents allready and crossed 9 people off the list.

Has anyone else started Christmas shopping?


  1. I haven't started Christmas shopping, but it's nice to know you are getting me a gift just for reading your blog! :)

    on a more serious note I'm not even organized to start shopping. We need to make a list of people we will be getting gifts for.

    Good move on the couple giving. My wife and I have been doing that since we got married, cuts the number of gifts in half.



  2. We're all doing grab bags this year, rather than buying for everyone individually. It's just better that way, with the economy affecting a lot of family members. This way, everyone will get a nice gift! But we haven't started shopping yet, since we're not pulling names for the grab bags until Thanksgiving.

  3. I do hope that is not $1100 each. Cause if it is, the $150 for close family needs to come down(in my opinion)

  4. @ mom - I said our budget is $1100, not my budget... we'll be splitting the $1100 :D Don't worry, I'm alll over this Christmas budget thing.

    @ Rainy - we draw names for all of the cousins, but for friends and other family is up to the individuals.

    @ Canadian - I think we wound up buying for a few more people each b/c we're going to split everything - but it will wind up costing less :)

  5. I second giving gifts as a couple :)


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