Joint Cheques Arrive

This past Friday, our joint cheques arrived!  It was pretty amazing to see both of our names at the top of the cheques, with our address.

We dropped of six months worth of rent cheques to landlord (November through to April) - we've just got to remember to put a reminde rin our calander's that we'll need to write a few more come May.  When we were writing out the cheques, we actually took turns signing them.  It was a great feeling.


  1. So do you drop them off to the LL in advance and they bank one cheque each month?

  2. @ eemusings - that's exactly right. They are all posted-dated for the first of each of the next six months. It makes it more convienient for the both of us. I don't have to drive their each month, and she doesn't have to worry if we'll be late.

  3. My gosh, that sounds really complicated! Wouldn't an auto payment (electronic) be easier, or is that just not the done thing?

  4. complicated? Not in the least - it's the easiest way to pay a landlord rent that I know of. My landlord is just a person, not a business - so I couldn't do free bill payments with my bank.


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