Below is an image of my bi-weekly budget for the next couple of weeks.  You'll see that my first joint account payment is set to go, and last months utilities.  Jordan and my utilities will be held in the joint account and my past roommates will be held in my account - because so far, only one provider has processed the requested to swtich the account that the auto-payments come from.  Next month will be much smoother!

My Christmas account is fully funded and Jordan will be adding his portion soon, so I have stopped my bi-weekly contributions to that account for now.  My RRSP, Emerg fund, and clothing fund deposits are all on schedule.  This pay day will see two biggies - car insurance and my quarterly parking bill (yuck).

My emergency fund is getting a big boost, and that will take me to $925 in that account.  I'll reach $1000 before the end of the year with my ongoing, regular, contributions.  Wow that's a great feeling!  My visa also gets a chunk of money to finish paying off the new bras I bought last weekend.

You'll also see a postive $30 and change, that is from a little stash I have (that I don't track, it's very small and new).

Have a great weekend!


  1. By my math, you will have $900 in your E-Fund. Still awesome. And I see you have over 100% in your shares fund, too. I'm glad to see the clothing fund is ongoing. Will you start next years Christmas in Jan. when you know what you've spent?

  2. @ Mom - it will be $925, and then with the next few pay periods it will get to $1000 before the end of the year - I'll fix the post, thanks!!

  3. @ Mom - I think yes, I'll wait until January to start a new Christmas/Gifts fund. I think I will wait too to see if Jordan wants to do it with me, so he's not scrambling at the end of the year to catch up.

  4. Now there's a good plan! You'll have that boy converted before you know it!

  5. Hehehe your Mom is so adorable. =)

    Great work on getting so close to your E-fund and fully funding Christmas. You're doing so well Jessie!

  6. I'm always amazed at your bi-weekly budget, budgeting your paycheck down to the last few bucks.

  7. @ SS - Thanks for the support! It feels good to be acheiving some of my savings goals!

    @ Rainy - how do you budget?

    I'm not sure i'll do it like this for ever, but for now it's really working for me!

  8. Well since your Xmas account is funded do you want to start funding mine? Good work and stick with it girl


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