Weekend Update

I had an amazing weekend!

I was actually pretty sick for most of it with an awful cold, but my mom, two aunts, and grandmother were in town for our annual Christmas Shopping Trip, and how could I complain about a cold in such great company.  I'm pretty sure I stayed on budget - but i'll check my receipts and do up a post on that later on.

Not only did I accomplish a lot of Christmas shopping, I also bought two new bras that I'm very excited about!! and my amazing mom bought me a third that I wanted!!  Any bigger chested women who read my blog will understand what a great bra feels like and how exciting it is to get one (or three!).  I'll write more about this in a seperate post.

That's it for today - I've got receipts to go through and presents to hide!


  1. Woohoo! Most of my friends are rather well endowed and although I'm flat as a board, I hear about their bra woes all the time. To be honest, being flatchested presents its own challenges when bra-shopping, but they're not really that bad.

  2. How envious I am of those with a C cup and under! I generally have to spend a small fortune to get a decent bra. I revel in getting one good one, three would be heaven!! Hope you're feeling better.


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