October Goals - Recap

Last month I tried posting monthly goals for the first time, here's the results:

  • Meet Christmas 2009 Goals of saving $500
  • Turn Sam's (old roommates) room into a spare room/office
  • Decorate the house and my workstation for Halloween
  • Learn how to make apple cider Incomplete
  • Start second phase of overtime/filing project at work

There we have, I met 4 out of 5 goals.  I didn't get a chance to make the cider with the apples from my trees because it froze in dear old Alberta wayyy to early!



  1. Good job. Now will you make goals for Nov.?

  2. Oh man... that sticks about the apples freezing too soon. =(

    Great work on the rest of your goals though!! =D

  3. So apple cider does that have to wait till next year, or can you make Ice apple cider, kind of like they make Ice wine harvesting the grapes after a frost.



  4. Yay for being able to cross so many things off the list. I love that feeling!!!

  5. @ Canadian - hmm... I think for apple cider from my tree it will have to wait until next year. the apples froze, and then thawed ,and then froze.. it's been pretty gross. My back yard is turning to apple sauce.

    @ Me - thanks! it was pretty great! I didn't even realize I had accomplished so much!


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