What an uplifting experience....

this is a post for the girls...

I love bra shopping!

I breifly mentioned on an earlier post that I went bra shopping with my mom, aunts, and grandmother this past weekend.  We were all blessed, and cursed, with the same.....affliction body type.

We are all in the range of 36G through to 42H (or higher - I'm guessing) - yeah, it goes up that high (and we're allll natural).

These lovlies need all the help they can get - which includes an annual bra-fitting.  Women's bodies change and so do the rest of their clothes - it only makes sense that bra's would need to change as well.

Places like La Senza, or even La Vie en Rose usually only go as high as a D or if you're very lucky a DD... there's a lot of letters between D and H!  If you know much about sizing, each letter represents another inch... so no way are you squeezing an H into a DD cup - no way!

So, we found our selves at Knickers 'n Lace.  If you don't know much about how a bra is supposed to fit - I would really suggest checking out their website, they've got some great information on there.

I spent $357 on TWO BRA's - yea... they were $175 and $165 (plus 5% gst)

...and to any nay sayers out there - it's worth it!  You wear these every day for 10-12 hours a day - you need some high quality suppport and Sears and Walmart just don't have it! My mom, because she's amazing, bought me a third. It's a strapless - it works! I've never had a strapless that actually worked - it's amazing! I love my mom.

Oh right - you want to know how I'm paying for it?... well I had $170.05 in my clothing fund already and have set aside another $186.95 from tomorrow's pay to cover the rest.


  1. $400 for BRAS!? Dear god. I don't think I could EVER fork over that much cash for my boobs! LOL.

  2. GoodNESS! I can't believe that it really does cost that much for the more endowed ladies to buy quality bras - I've heard that was the case but never really knew how much a girl could end up spending. I agree, quality bras ARE worth it though - they improve posture, smooth lines, and create a nicer shape . . . not to mention being more comfortable. But STILL! I'll say a little thank you to my "little" boobies today for saving me in that area! LOL!

  3. There were 5 of us and we figure we dropped over $2000 in the bra shop (All....well mostly planned)

  4. @ Frugal - LoL!

    I honestly have never found a cheaper bra that fit as well as these do (and it was $357 :P). Like I said, they don't carry bra's in my size at la senza, sears, le vie en rose - or other traditional bra places.

  5. @ Ann - it sure isn't cheap! Last year I seem to remember them being closer to the $150 mark rather then the $175 mark - but part of what you are paying for is someone to take the time (upwards of an hour) to go through dozens of different sizes, shapes, and colours and make sure that you've got what you need - in a style that fits and is comfortable.

  6. Wow, that is crazy. I never thought about that, who knew it was so expensive. I guess there are some things to be thankful for for being an A...

  7. Hope the girls are looking good in their new bra :)

  8. Holy hell! 42H you say...that's really something. And $357? I bet you take REAL good care of your bras, huh?

  9. @ Me - they sure do!

    @ eemusings - haha, yea, they sure are. If taken care of they should last 2-3 years...


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