...I could get addicted to these

Jordan's mom took me to get my nails done last Monday as part of my birthday present.  She know that I wanted to get french tips done for the wedding and have never sported anything like it before.  They are longer then I think I like - but it's only been four days (when writing this) so I'm still settling into them.  Typing is the most difficult thing so far....that and pushing buttons.

I have some birthday money that i'm going to use to get them filled in/refreshed - whatever people call it, the week before the wedding - but after that, I'm not sure I want to spend the $40/month to keep them updated.

Do you get your nails done?  How much do you spend on personal care?

Jordan would like to see me spending more on myself - even hair cuts..which I only do once ever six to eight months.


  1. I think you have to look at it as a trade off - if you spend $40/month on your nails, that's $480/year. Is there something you'd rather do more with that money? If so, nix the nails and do that other thing. Or, you may decide the nails are the bomb and you like looking at them.

    I used to get brazilians pretty regularly. Between HST, tax, and the cost of the procedure itself, it was $75 every six-ish weeks. That's $650 a year! More than I was spending on the hair on my end, which is kind of silly, when you think about it. Everyone sees the hair on my head! You get the idea. Hence, no more brazilians, unless I'm going on vacation.

  2. Your nails look great!

    I first got mine done like that in 1999... after about 6 months I decided they weren't really for me, not with the type of work and stuff around the house I did.

    I don't spend much on personal care... the most is on hair coloring, I get it done at a salon, about $110 every 5-6 months, then cuts in between, around $40.

  3. I don't get my nails done. Actually, I have naturally strong and long nails and I could easily achieve that look at home with very little cost, but I'm just too busy to fuss with my nails. :)

  4. A few years ago I would get the tips on but I ended up switching to going natural because the process of taking them off was super painful for me. And it was a little spendy. Now I do my own (hand) nails and go in for a pedicure once a month to keep my feet pretty at a cost of $25/mo. For me, the cost is worth it - it's an hour of pampering that I really enjoy. I cut back in other ways when it comes to personal care - cheap hair cuts, I do my own eyebrows, don't go waxing . . . so this is my one splurge.

    So I would just say to consider what you are currently spending on personal care and if you want an extra expense. The down side of tips is that you really HAVE to have them maintained or they look awful grown out. But if it's that one thing that makes you happy, definitely go for it IMO!

  5. I liked them when I used to get them, but I can think of things I'd rather spend that money one (previously debt, and now either savings or socializing), so I won't go back to them.

  6. Beautiful!

    I wear contacts, get eczema and play guitar, so anything but short nails is out of the question. They're also a bit too high maintenance for me...

  7. I am not afraid to admit that I spend ALOT of money on myself and personal care - hair cuts, highlights, pedicures (I paint my own nails since they are pretty long and strong), waxing (body), laser hair removal (face), facials, massages, gym membership...it's really fun being a girl (sarcasm!)

  8. Pretty!!! I take care of myself but don't spend that much money. I prefer a more natural look for myself.

  9. Nice nails. I don't get mine done, too much upkeep. I also prefer natural nails as opposed to acrylic. I used to polish my nails every other week. Even that has stopped. I go through cycles where they are done all the time and then periods, like now, where I keep them clean.

  10. You know, I've never ever had my nails done! I'm a jeans & tshirt type of girl... never much into makeup, hair appts or nails. BUT! Someone at work (a guy actually) told me I should try it sometime and I think I will. I recently had my hair cut after many many miserable cheapo cuts and had my eyebrows done too, and for the enjoyment... I'm totally doing it again! It's nice to take care of yourself and spend some fun money like that every once in a while...


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