Cost per Head

My maid of honor recently asked me what my cost per head was for the wedding - and it was strange to admit that I hadn't actually figured that out yet.  I promised that I would figure it out and write a post on it.

She thought it should include the venue, food, and alcohol costs.

Based on that - the cost per head is $51.80

If we included everything it took to put the party together...that was dependent on the guest count (stationary, cake, favors) - the cost per head would be $61.57

If we then include the other party essentials (photography, DJ, decor, officiator, license, ceremony music) - the cost per head would be $91.18.

If we got really crazy and included EVERYTHING sans the rings, attire and honeymoon costs - the costs per head would be $118.08

...annnnd if we included the rings (not the honeymoon) we'd be at $133.73

phew!  has anyone asked you married folks out there what your cost per head was?  Do they just mean the catering costs or everything else put in?


  1. I think thats really rude to ask someone that! I wouldn't tell myself, it's non of their business.
    you've done well with the costs though.

  2. @ Louise - thanks for commenting :) I think she was just asking out of curiosity, she's not engaged to be wed yet but has been thinking a lot about it lately.

    I've also heard that people like to base their gifts based on the cost per head of the wedding - but I have no idea if that is relevant in this case.

  3. I was just asking out of curiousity and I know that if Jessie didn't want to say, she'd tell me to buzz off. Thank you for sharing Jessie xoxo

  4. I feel like cost per head normally includes catering (and maybe alcohol), but I'm not married, so who knows.

  5. When I look at like that it feels like you are paying to be married and on top of that it is expensive but I still think it is a good measure to look at.

  6. Our wedding was like $150/person..that's only including things like the catering, centerpieces, booze, and other things that all of the guests used. Sure it was expensive, but in the end it was worth it for us :)


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