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Our honeymoon is in Vegas...and for those of you that don't know, I'm from Canada and roaming in the States is brutal expensive!  I don't think that Jordan and I need both cell phones and the ipad when we're meant to be just enjoying each other's company ;)

That said, it's likely that we'll need a phone of some-sort to book tickets and to be available in case of emergencies - if anyone has any thoughts on that, feel free! 

I'm with Bell and Jordan's with Telus - so I figured we might as well compare the two and see which costs less.

I'm not 100% sure how much data/voice/text usage that Jordan actually uses - but from a quick glance at my  last two bills I'm using about 1000 minutes of voice, 400 MB of data and approximately 2000 text message....so lets just double that to be safe for Jordan's usage - then quarter it because we're going to be in the states for one week.

That would mean a need of 500 min, 200MB, and 1,000 text messages - that said, we really shouldn't need or want to be using our phones that much while in Vegas - but we're bound to use some.... I've listed all the options below and would love to know your thoughts.

Bell Mobility

Option One: Travel USA Package (includes voice, data, texts)

Option Two: Travel USA Bundles (includes voice, data, and text separate)

Telus Mobility

Option Three: US Travel  (includes voice, data, and text separate)



  1. I think you should enjoy your honeymoon. You don't need your cell phone to book for shows - there are Tix 4 Tonight locations everywhere. You leave your hotel number in case of an emergency (just like we did before cell phones).The cheapest way to go is to buy a calling card at Superstore and you can use that from any pay phone or your hotel room. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

  2. If you have wifi in your hotel, you can probably use data on your phones and ipad while there.

  3. Thanks for your comments so far!

  4. I think the Anonymous comment has a point but if you do feel the need option 1 looks like the best for emergency use only.

    I didn't see the included minutes,data or text for option 3 but I feel option 1 might be the best. It's a week and you really should be utilizing your time together so the cell should be for emergency contact only.

    Whichever you choose. The week is for the both of you not to stay in contact with the rest of the world.

  5. If you are texting in the US try to get a Google Voice account, free SMS!


  6. My sister and I are both with Rogers and took our iPhones to Belgium with us on our last trip. We got the lowest package they offered ($5 for 25 texts, free incoming) and we both got 15 minutes of long distance. We had wifi in all accomodations and the rest of the time just used our texts when we separated.

    I assume you and Jordan won't part ways in Vegas, so I would take minimal texting and just email in the evenings when you get back to your hotel. I like the idea of a calling card too, just use that to touch base at home at night.

    It's your honeymoon, I'd try to disconnect as much as possible and only use technology to plan your next day's events.


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