Vision Expenses

I wear glasses about 80% of the time and contacts the other 20%.  I prefer contacts but like to give my eyes and break and generally only wear them when I'm going out, when I'm active in sports and when watching 3D movies (ever try to get those silly 3D glasses over real glasses - not good).

I find that vision benefits are NEVER enough to cover the costs.  I understand (and I should, I'm in HR) that employer paid benefits are only meant to ease the burden, not to completely pay for it - but I just feel like vision costs keep going up - and benefits don't change.

My benefits provide me with $225 for contacts/glasses every two years and $75 for eye exams every year.  This is my vision benefit history since I joined my company.

Vision has cost me $692.97 for glasses and contacts in the last two years - less the $225 they cover!  Wow! I'll be submitting a receipt for contact lenses for $179 this week - hopefully it get's processed quickly!  

The cost got me thinking about exploring ClearlyContacts - have any of you used them?  The cost for the same lenses would have been $139 if I had used them, makes me feel a bit silly that I looked into it after the fact.


  1. I think it would be worth a try. They sell the same products, don't they?

  2. I have the same problem over here. My contacts and eye exam each year cost about $550. Our vision coverage is for $250 every 2 years. I have never looked into Clearly Contacts but I've heard of them... not sure how to order without having my prescription information handy. If you do it some day, post a blog about it to educate others.

  3. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Clearly Contacts - especially for my 9 year old twins that either loose or break a pair a year :)
    I have only ever had good experience for the 4 of us.
    My girls glasses take a little longer to arrive (within 2 weeks) due to their prescriptions but mine and my husbands arrive within a week. If you have a fairly normal prescription they can arrive quickly.
    They also have amazing customer service.


  4. I used coastal contacts and they've been great and much cheaper. I think 1-800 contacts is also good and much cheaper than buying contacts at the doctor's office. Just ask for the contact lens prescription after the exam. I think by law they must give it to you.

  5. Vision and dental benefits although dental is usually a bit more. I guess they are only to help with regular checkups.

    If you actually have problems they never seem to be enough to help with the charges.

  6. My friend Melinda gets most of her glasses from there, and she alternates between pairs depending on how she's feeling. You could also try glassyeyes, which is a blog about buying glasses online - http://glassyeyes.blogspot.com/

  7. Agreed - the worse your eyes, the more expensive the lenses, and the less benefits cover. My new job sadly does not cover any medical costs :(

    There's a proliferation of online contact sites in NZ and I've never had a bad experience. The cheapest one obviously is my favourite (1/2 the price of others) although often takes longer to ship as they have to order in my toric lenses - so it's crucial to be organised.

    Glasses are definitely easier, but I feel so much more confident in contacts!

  8. Ordering contacts from my optometrist includes a form to get a mail-in rebate - which would not be applicable to online orders. It's about $60 rebate for my one year supply.


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