June Spend Report

I can't believe that another month has gone by already!  It's July 6th - exactly one month from the wedding...crazy.  Anyway, on to the post at hand.

Jordan and I tried...and tried pretty hard to keep our spending in check this month.  In fact, in the last 10 months - we spent the very least this month (and I don't think it was thhhat hard).  BUT - we didn't meet our goal - we didn't keep our spending to $900 or less :(

When I did our mid-month check in we had spent just about $500 and we wound up spending another $1,000 from June 21st until July 5th - crazy!

In keeping our eating out (fairly) in check - I think I underestimated how much more we would spend in groceries.  Eating out has become such a big part of our lifestyle that it's taking time to adjust.

June/July are huge gift months for us as just about every birthday for our families fall then - it's tricky to keep this number down!

The home maintenance is just strange - i can't figure out what i thought was home maintenance before, and didn't when i re-ran the numbers...oops.

While I wouldn't call June a HUGE success by any means I do feel like Jordan and I are getting better and better about making good spending decisions.

Lets cross our fingers for July....can we beat June and spend less than $1,515?

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  1. $1,515.15... you should play that number! Not bad :)


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