July Check In

Jordan and I are on our second mission to come under $900 in our total variable spnding for a month - as of July 19, 2011 we're in good shape!  Just 17 more days to go before the cut off (August 5th, eek! that's one day before the wedding).

Wedding expenses not withstanding, i think we just might be able to do it!

oh!  The annual expense was my AMA membership and the wedding expense was from finally added my engagement ring and wedding band as named perils on our insurance.


  1. I think you will, too

  2. Wow that's impressive! Under $900 for the both of you? That's only $450 per person!

    Good job! and congrats on the upcoming wedding :)

  3. That's great and I learnt something today. I never new people could insure stuff like wedding rings.


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