Wedding Budget Update

A few people have asked or made reference to our wedding budget so i thought that today was a good day to post an updated.  In the image below you'll see what we expected things to cost, what they actually cost,  what we've paid so far and what's left to pay.

Anything in red is either no longer applicable or we decided not to do it.

Some things, like stationary - were a lot more expensive then i had expected and some things - like grat/taxes wound up being build into our costs - so we saved there.

I have cheques ready to pay the rest of the vendors on the day of (that my momma has offered to hold for us) and there are a few items (like the bar mix) that we won't be buying until the week before the wedding.

I feel like a post like this is better suited to questions/answers if you have any rather than me going line by line explaining things - so if you have any questions - ask away.

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  1. The budget looks good. Expensive but good :) It's going to be an awesome day.


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