what a whirlwind

The last week has gone by so quickly, I can't believe it's Labour Day already!

I've spent just about every day since getting engaged last Saturday thinking and planning our wedding.  Jordan started getting a little overwhelmed and asked if we could just enjoy being engaged!  Well, of course we can (while I'm planning).

I spent the weekend wedding planning with my mom, and Jordan was fairly involved too (when he wanted to be).  We have a good sense about theme, colours, food, location ect.  I'm not going to post anything for sure because we are still looking a bit.  My best friend Amy and I are going to a bridal show next weekend to get inspired, so things may change, but I'm not thinking they will.

My grandma has offered to make my wedding dress *eek* (I get a wedding dress).  She made a couple of my aunts wedding dresses and a couple of family friends dresses too.  I'm looking forward to getting a sense about what she can make and what I want and having that come together.

When we announced our engagement on Wednesday, one of the comments was 'and another one bites the dust' - it is a bit funny that quite a few personal finance bloggers have recently gotten engaged/married.  I won't make any promises about what I will or won't write about - but I do promise this, I'll keep writing.

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  1. Congratulations Jessie. Have a ton of fun planning {just make sure to keep the wedding budget in track} ;) <--it's sooo easy to add more 'I wants'


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