Grrr... Roommates!

Hi All,

I haven't disappeared - just have been in meetings (will be) for two full days, plus work dinners and what not.  Also, I'm freakin' exhausted.  Actually, too tired to think about money, so I'll tell you about my crummy night.

My roommate, for the fourth or fifth time woke the house up in the middle of the night.  His weekends are Wednesday/Thursday - but he's just got to stop waking me up!  I told his guests, one of which was a former roommate, to get the F* out of my house if they couldn't keep the nose to a dull roar.  They all left, and then talked about me outside my bedroom window.... granted, our roommate tried to tell his guests that me and J are 'nice people' and Jordan was sick - they started getting noisy again.

He finally got them away from the house and I went back downstairs to turn off the lights, where I ran into the roommate coming back in for something.  We wound up having a  "conversation" at 12:30am about respect.

The conversation actually went pretty well, with good back and forth however; I ended it by telling him that he needed to make a choice.  If he wants to live like a a responsible adult, with adults than we are happy for him to live with us.  If he wants to live like an irresponsible person, then he needs to find like minded individuals to live with - because that isn't acceptable behavior in our house.

He said that he wants to live with us, and I said great!  Honestly, I'm happy for whatever choice you make, just let us know what you want either by your actions or by giving us notice, either way, just please - let me sleep.

He then went in for a hug... which I gave him...which was sort of weird...but hopefully a good sign.


  1. Grrrrr. Roommates. How much wedding do you want???

  2. Is this the young student whose parents pay his rent?

  3. @ Mom - We need roommates, we just may not need this one.

    @ eemusings - no, this is the 'mature' 27 year old that is meant to have his stuff together.


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