Allowance Adjustment

On the tail end of our engagement and the prospects of buying a house within the same time frame of less than a year.  Jordan and I have decided to make a change to our allowance.  Part of this decision came from the realization that it's a pain in the but to have our allowances and still have to budget for our phone bills, hair care, clothes ect.  We both want a truly 'splurge' account rather than what we're doing now.

So, over the next week or so we'll be calling our cell phone providers to have them bill our joint account.

Our new allowance will be $25/week instead of $100/week.  We'll now have to have to have a few more conversations around clothes, personal care products and pretty much everything else that will be considered 'joint'.

I'm looking forward to this change, I think it will help keep us on track and save our our house/wedding even faster.


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