August Spend Report

When Jordan and I joined our finances (only a few months ago), I mentioned that my bi-weekly budgets would be dissapearing, but in their place would be end of the month spending re-caps.  Today, I give you our first re-cap.  The first one is a bit unique as we were feeling out how the joint credit card would work in managaing our finances.

This is a most unusual for Jordan and I to spend like this, but here it is, $1,333 (I'm not including the things we'll be reimbursef for) over budget:

Summary Notes:
  • We had a vacation and family emergency in August, which is why our gas and eating out are so high and on that vacation we went to a winery.  I couldn't decide if the winery was actually entertainment or booze, but I put it under booze.
  • The Reimbursable Expenses include Jordan's texbooks, my contact lenses (and fitting fee), as well as some things we bought for my parents.
  • I'm surprised that we only spent $200 on grocerys, but looking at that with the eating out makes more sense.
  • All I'm going to say about the wedding expenses, is that was the down payment on my engagement ring.  It's currently being made, and we should be able to pick it up (and pay for the rest of it) on Monday. 
  • We needed a new light for the tank and had to pick up some fish food.
  • Medical was cold medication for Jordan and I
  • Banking includes the initial fee for our BMO C/c and a second card
  • Vehicle maintenance was a part for my car, the heater wasn't working properly so Jordan had to order a new part
Oh, for those who forgot the credit card budget it includes:
  • $450 for groceries/house expenses
  • $250 for gas
  • $500 for everything else

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  1. Ouch! But you learn and carry on. Next month will be on budget.


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