Wedding Budget - Part Two

Thank you so so much for all of your comments yesterday.  There were so many thoughtful ones, that I thought it deserved writing another post about it to comment back.

@ every little kiss - What a great idea to have buffer money!  Do people actually say they are not coming and then come anyways?  or RSVP with more guests then you actually invited?

@ SSBC - Thank you for the congrats!  Life has a way of getting away from us!

@ Shenanigans - I had a look at margotthortnphotgraphy.com and it looks like her website is back up! Thanking you for sharing that link, at your personal album with me.  She is really quite good (and I love the cupcakes, I think Jordan and I are going to do something like that too).  I would love the info on the wedding DJ.  It looks like the one we're looking at from my home town my fall through due to prior obligations.  Does this DJ travel?

We're lucky that we have both a wedding commissioner and a pastor in our family - and as we'll be getting married in BC, it will cost under $100 for the service itself.  I have to remember to also buy a license!

  @ Shenanigans (again) - oh right... gifts!  I keep forgetting about that.  Jordan and I each have two attendents (I think that's what they're called) and we're not planning on a ring barer or a flower girl...so we need four awesome gifts.  We'll defn. have to pad the budget a bit here.

@ every little kiss (again) - ahhh yes....invitations.  If we actually want people to come to this shindig, we might have to find a way to tell them about it.  We were thinking about having a wedding website for RSVP's, travel information and the like - my mom figures that will work for 80% of our invites...but perhaps not the older generation.  We may be able to save some on postage doing that....I'm hoping.

We went to Michaels and looked at pricing on paper...hopefully we can get the job done for under a couple hundred bucks.

@ mom - any help we get from family will be absolutly amazing...but we will do our best to plan and pay for everything ourselves.

@ canadiansavings - my grandma, who has made several wedding dresses and is an ammmazing quilter has offered to make my wedding dress.  We will only need to buy material and rent Jordan's tux.  It may be a pretty weak number  - to be honnest, we havin't looked at the priceing of things at all yet for clothing.

@ payingmyself - Hurray! I'm glad I could do that. I'm happy to share this budget, and any others as our lives grow and change together.

I'm really not sure what a more realistic budget would be for clothing...even with my grandma's help.

@ all - Thank you again to everyone who gave us such awesome feedback!! Their will defn. be a few more line items appearing in our final budget!


  1. Our wedding doesn't occur until February, but our guest list has slowly creeped up from about 90-100 to 110ish (we are inviting 130, so this is totally an estimate). The problem is, there are about 40 people on that list that we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if they will come or not. They tend to be friends of family that we barely know but who apparently MUST be invited or friends/cousins who live in other states. Until we send out the invites and get RSVP's back, we don't really know if they are coming or not but no matter what, we need to have enough money to pay for 110 guests.

    I would definitely go for the online RSVP's if you can--we tried to do that by saying we were "going green" but we were met with a LOT of resistance from our family on that issue for some reason. And remember to account for postage for thank you cards :)

    Good luck!

  2. I'm sorry - it didn't occur to me that you weren't getting married in Calgary! The DJ travels, but it will definitely raise the cost. Let me know if you still want his info, but it would be cheaper for you to have someone local.

    We had one person RSVP that they were bringing a guest that we didn't even know, but we allowed it since she was single and it was only one extra person... then at the last minute, they stopped dating and she didn't bring him! We kind of had to brush it off and remember it was only (approximately) $50!

    My mom made my dress and it was exactly what I wanted, plus I had the pleasure of telling everyone! It made it feel really special.

    We skipped the wedding website thing, as we heard from more than one source that they considered it "tacky and impersonal." It's a personal preference though, and it's your wedding, so you do what you feel is right. (That goes for more than just the website thing!)

    I also come from BC and I have serious home-sickness these days. =)


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