Wedding Budget

It's strange, I always thought people who spend upwards of $10,000 and multiples of that were crazy!  How is it possible that weddings actually cost that much!?  Well, apparently weddings do cost that much!

Below is the first 'draft' of our wedding Budget, next to each line item is how much we have spent already.  At first I thought we would have a year to save for everything - and that is plenty of time - but people actually want deposits to confirm bookings (imagine that!....silly me).  So, we will have to spend some of our normal planned spending money on deposits and what not, which is fine.  Because of this we won't have to have as much cash on hand come the new year. 
We have booked our facility and put a $500 deposit on it.  The food costs are based on the caterer's standard menu, however we have not confirmed our meals yet.

We plan on having champagne and wine with a sit down supper, but there will be a two-nee bar to help manage costs.  I have still budgeted $250 here for non-alcoholic drinks and the permit.

The photographer we like, may cost more than this - but we shall see.  We'll be meeting her next month.

The rest is allll guesses and 'hopes'. It would be stellar if we could keep this under $10,000 but that might be wishful thinking.

You may have noticed that my engagement ring and our wedding bands are missing from this budget.  The budget is for the actual ceremony/reception - we'll be taking care of the rings separately.


  1. As someone in the middle of planning a wedding, I would really encourage that you put a little "buffer" money into your budget for your wedding. SOMETHING will go over budget, no matter how hard you try (for example, more people RSVP yes than you had thought). If you have a little buffer money, it helps you not freak out as much.

    We added about 15% to our "buffer" budget and we've used about 13% of that money so far. I'm doing my best to not go over our "buffer", but might have that happen if more people say they are coming than we had originally thought (crossing my fingers that doesn't happen!).

  2. Oh my goodness Jessie! I didn't know you were engaged! I've been so busy I've just ignored all of the blogging world. I feel terrible, but life is so good right now I can barely stand it. ;)

    Congrats to you! And it is okay if you turn it into a wedding blog - it is YOUR blog. Also, I LOVE the look! It has changed since I was last here. =)

  3. I got married in June, so here's a little info...

    Our photographer was amazing – Margot Thornton Photography - unfortunately, her website is currently down. You can find her by searching on Facebook as well (our wedding photo album “sampler” is on her fan page – “Shannon + Dan Married”.) We really liked her style (although I understand it’s a personal preference.)

    A very close friend of ours is a wedding DJ, and he is extremely popular in Calgary so you have to book him early. I can pass on his info if you would like. His pricing is pretty standard and he is an excellent MC if you don’t know anyone who can fill that role. (I know there are a lot of options, but it’s always easier to pick if you have a personal recommendation!)

    Our commissioner cost us $325 for a basic ceremony, and that included travel time and rehearsal. We couldn’t find a cheaper one, so if you have found one, yay! If not, be prepared – pricing isn’t regulated here so they can charge whatever they want (I come from BC where they are only allowed to charge $75!)

    Every little kiss makes a good point – budget in a buffer because you suddenly remember things halfway through your planning, or make last minute changes. For example, I had no idea it would cost more to deliver our ceremony chairs than to rent them!

    Also, shop around for your marriage license. The MacLeod Trail Registry was the cheapest we found ($66.25) and you can download the form from their website.

    Good luck!

  4. Just noticed something - you don't have any money budgeted for gifts. We ended up giving gifts to our maid of honour (jewelry), best man (engraved pocket watch), flower girl (jewelry) and the commissioner (engraved money clip)... we had a small wedding party. Some people also give gifts to parents, or other special people that contributed a lot to the day (for example, anyone who does a reading at the ceremony.)

    I'm going to stop commenting now. ;)

  5. I just thought of something else too...

    Shenangians pointed out your missing gifts--GREAT POINT!

    You're also missing "paper"--invites, thank you cards, programs (if you have them), and any other paper product you might have at the reception. Those can get pretty pricey.

  6. Oh yes, paper! We printed our own using kits from Michael's, but then you have to factor in the cost of ink and stamps.

  7. oh wow...clearly we need some flex in this budget....*eep*

    how we're going to do this and buy a house the same year, I do not know.

  8. We will spread the word that cash goes perfectly with your colour scheme in the house. And pray for gravel sales.

  9. Am I missing something? Where is the Dress category?



  10. I was going to point out the invites thing but someone did that already! Don't forget to budget for postage in there too.

    But what I really came here to say is FINALLY a Canadian PF blogger is sharing their wedding budget (I can't remember reading one yet? I might be wrong?) The USD/CDN difference makes it so hard to compare when I read all the US bloggers' budgets.

    I echo Jason's comment too - why is the "attire" category only $300?


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