Auto Insurance Decrease

When I got home from work last night, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a notification from my Automobile Insurance Provider, AMA.  My policy renews in October and my premiums are reducing.  I'm going from $1803.36 annually to $1477 annually - a decrease of $326.36! 

My car is a '97 Mazda Protege which we bought for $1,500, it's rediculous that my insurance has cost me more than the car itself, and only this year is finally below my purchae price.  Unforutnatly, this is my fault.  I've been in three accidents that were ruled 'at fault.'

As a result, I 'punished' myself by buying this vehicle instead of something nicer/newer.  I figured I shouldn't drive anything else if I couldn't not break it.  So far, it's worked.  I have the least amount of covereage I've ever had (just what I'm required by law to have), and my car is in the best shape!

That's another $325 into the wedding fund!


  1. Finally starting to go down. But $325 sounds like more than $25 a month

  2. It's closert to $27/month decrease....ahh are you saying I don't have a full year to the wedding. You're right! It's more like $297 saved until the wedding!

  3. Congrats on getting that pleasant surprise! Glad to hear that you get more $$ toward your wedding fund. I am getting back on track on my own savings, and stories like this motivate me to keep going ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome savings! Hopefully you can keep that low insurance rate!

  5. That's sweet! I love when something like this happens out of the blue.


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