Hit & Run

I would like to tell you that the title of today's post is some sort of clever way of describing exactly what it's not.  However; that's not the case.  A week ago Monday, I was driving to work and a transport truck changed two lanes and moved directly into me!

I saw him coming and was able to brake (thankfully no one was behind me), but he still hit my driver's side mirror.  He managed not to take it right off, but it bent backwards.

Considering what happened, I came out fairly unscathed.  I caught the license plate number as well as the 1-800-how's my driver number.  Armed with those, I called and reported the hit and run to the local police.  The guy who owns the fleet is happy to pay for the costs to repair this - thankfully, we won't have to go through insurance.  It costs more and takes longer.

I got a quote done by my mechanic yesterday, and it's going to cost just under $500 for the part and the labour to get the job done.  While we have enough in our emergency fund to cover this, I'm so glad we don't have to use it!


  1. I'm still amazed that you caught those numbers! Good for you.

  2. Good eye with the licence and 1-800 number!! Very quick of you! Glad this will be fixed with no cost to you. Keep that emergency fund!

  3. I can't believe the guy hit you while driving and didn't even stop! shocking.


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