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Little Brother
To all those bloggers who are also parents and have full time jobs - I am so impressed!

With have Jordan's little brother staying with us, the frequency that I have been writing has gone down dramatically over the last two weeks!  We have had some significant trials over the past while - and although I love the kid like my own little brother, I am so glad his parents get back to town tomorrow.

Little brother will stay with us tomorrow night, and then go back to his home on Friday after school. Following this weekend, I hope to be back to a more regular writing schedule.

Receipt Tracking
This past week I've had a hard time keeping and tracking receipts.  We had a lot of additional expenses due to Little Brother being with us (including groceries, socks & underwear, increased gas).  I'm going to try again in February.


  1. lol Yes kids definitely change what 'normal' once was. Here's to your world returning to normal soon.

  2. Three kiddos later: Normal? What's that? :D

  3. Good, cause I miss you when you don't write.

  4. I don't think I could take 2 weeks with a teenager... I'd probably get worn out by trying to keep up with all the stuff that's cool now! And cooking, cuz teenagers sure eat a lot :-)

  5. Socks and underwear? I don't think I want to know. it'll be good to see you writing more.



  6. @ Jolie - we sure are looking forward to it!

    @ Bakin - too funny!

    @ Mom - aww but we can always talk on the phone

    @ Canadian Saver - it's been a lot! But didn't try to get caught up with what's 'cool' just tried to keep the kid safe and well fed

    @ canadian savings - haha, we'll just say that he didn't pack very well.

  7. completely agree - i can't imagine working and having kids! It's all i can do to look after myself sometimes!


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