Jordan's Response

...to yesterday's questions was:

@Jessie's Mom - I have carry over due to the fact that my employment date started Aug 8th of 2008. Of which time I didnt take any vacation hence the roll over.

@Frugal Dreamer - aside from not having a performance review since I've started working here... its been great. I've been blessed with having only 2 bosses ever that were intolerable.

@All - I am going to cash in the vacation pay as being able to have the truck paid off during the month of July (which is my birth month) that'll be my xmas present to myself :) Also I was planning on re-investing my tax return for our savings goals... so either way I win :)

Thanks for all the feedback on my situation

Jessie Says > He did leave the above in the comments section this morning, but I thought I would post it for those folks who don't go back to read them.


  1. Hehehe... it may be a better Birthday present than an Xmas gift. ;)

    It will be exciting when he gets the truck paid off though!

  2. Remember, vacation payout from 2009 paid out in 2010 will be accounted on your 2010 T4.

  3. woohoo! You must be pleased with his decision :)

  4. I really am - I'm proud that he's decided to tackle this debt head on

  5. @ss4bc... indeed better bday present


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