ahhh.. Finished The Basement

Yesterday I mentioned that Jordan's little brother (14 yrs old) is coming to stay with us for two weeks and that I was working to get the basement in order so he would have somewhere to hang out with friends, other then his bedroom, if he didn't want to hang out with Jordan and I.  After all of the moves in and out over the last couple of months a lot of work had piled up but I finished last night.



I`m really pleased with how the space came together.  The fish tank you see in the corner of the first after picture is up for sale, and someone might actually want to buy it now (worth about $300 with all of the stuff that goes with it).

I through away 2 bags of garbage and had a huge box and a bag of recycling!  There is still a pile of electronics for Jordan to go through - but other then that, it`s pretty excellent I`d say.


  1. Wow! It looks so great! I love before and after shots. :) Makes you feel so accomplished!

  2. Looks great!!! :)

  3. Very Excellent. He should really appreciate that, and so will you.

  4. @ All - thanks!! I forgot to mention that I also found $0.24 cents haha

  5. It looks great! Nice job - hope little bro doesn't drive you nuts while he's here :P


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