do you shop Costco?

Not too long ago I highlighted the grocery comparisson that CTV Calgary does each month.  The reporter compares the top four grocery stores in Calgary and there are pretty consistent results in terms of where it costs more/less to shop.

I have been a long time beleiver that Costco is cheaper to buy a great number of items.  Today, I thought I would compare the meat prices found at Costco, with the meat found at the grocery stores that CTV reviews each month.  Though I don't see posting exactly what I purchase as a regular feature on Jessie's Money, I thought it would be valuable to share a stocking up shop.  Jordan and I probably do a meat shop like this every 10-12 weeks or so (I'm guessing, haven't ever really paid attention to the frequency).


Here's the breakdown of the Costco shop:

* The sausage was two dollars off! That's why the weight and regular price/KG don't add up to $9.20

I gathered my comparrison data using the most up to date flyers I could find online.  I had troubles comparing the exact same roast, but that's the only one I'm not sure of.  Here is a price comparisson of Costco against the four main grocery stores in Calgary:

Unfortunatly I wasn't able to find details online about each product - they don't all have the same items listed online - and at this point, I'm not willing to drive to each place to check it out.

I'll tell you though, going through this exercise took about 90 minutes, and I'm much more aware of how much meat could/should cost then I was when I ventured out.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the prices I paid - though I'm cetainly going to watch for sales on chicken breast.


  1. I love Costco! I usually get my meat straight from the farmer, though...one of the perks of growing up in the middle of farm country.

  2. Costco is pretty much my favorite store ever! I hardly buy meat there though, mind you seeing your comparison it might be worth considering!

    In the past few years I hardly bought any red meat as my dad is a hunter and I would get a deer which would last about a year. This yeah however he didn't get one so I'll have to purchase red meat as I need it.

  3. I usually don't buy meat at Costco as I find the sales at the regular grocery stores are better. They often have half off sales. Especially on Chicken breasts. You can sometimes save $10 or more off the cost of the Costco ones. But if I need something and I can't get the sale price at Sobeys or Superstore (Dominion here in NL) I'll go to Costco to get it.

  4. There isn't a Costco in my town, but there is a Sam's club. I still don't use it because for me, I don't think the savings would counter the cost of the membership.

    However, when friends offer to take me there and use their membership card I'm ALL about it. ;)

  5. I was at Costco today and saw the $2 off sausage, but I passed today...all the packages were too expensive, even with the $2. We always take a look at what Costco has to offer in the meat department when we go. Usually we find good deals on Pork Tenderloin and Roast Beef. Otherwise, like Trista said, I find better deals at the grocery store overall.

  6. It just shows to go you that you need to know your prices. A good excercise for you.

  7. I don't shope at costco basically because I don't feel the annual membership is worth the price. If you scout sales or buy foods according to what's on sale, it's usually better outside I find.

    That being said, for non-membership people, did you know you can get a giftcard from costco and use it without a membership card? So that means you can ask a friend to buy it for you, and then go and spend it when you want without needing to be a member.

  8. @ those folks who commented on the membership price.

    Jordan and I have membership cards through his mom's business and don't have to pay :) wahoo!

  9. @The Asian Pear- really? That's an excellent idea! Costco gift cards- I'll put that on my "wish list" from my Costco card toting friends.

    I love Costco, it feels so "elite". I was a member for one year, but I didn't renew it (d/t the cost). I found that I spent too much money there.. some of the items went bad because they were too "bulk" (but those are the groceries etc)

    I did love buying the cheese there, though. Cheese is so dirt cheap at Costco and good quality. The Balderson Cheddar and Asiago cheese they have is delicious and for the price you pay, you get like.. triple of what you would get at Superstore.

  10. Costco doesn't seem to be that much cheaper on items. Factor in the cost of the yearly membership and it's probably a break even situation. for me personally drive time to get to a costco would have to be factored in and that cost in gas would not make it worth it at all.



  11. With the costco executive membership you get 2% back on all your purchases and if you don't get back the full cost of the executive membership they;ll credit you the difference. And if you do pass the cost of the membership the rest is given to you as a coscto gift card at the end of your membership year.

    Looks like a good idea. I only have the regular membership but had I switched I'd almost have the executive paid off. And I still have 11 months left out of my 15 month membership. Kinda wishing I had done it.

  12. I really should spend some time to check the prices of the staples I buy at a couple of different stores where I usually shop.

    You might find this article of interest:


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