Receipt Tracking

Last week, in my bi-weekly budget post, I promised that I would keep track of all of my receipts to try to get a better handle on my budget and to ensure that I had correctly allotted amounts for each category.  Week one is up, here is a summary:

 Jordan and I contribute $100 to our food budget/jar each pay day - as we are paid on opposite weeks - this is $400/month.  This includes groceries as well as personal items that would be purchased in a grocery store.  So that worked out just about perfectly this week!  This week I bought a few new scrapbooks that I want to work on (a budding hobby).  They are half sized - so I'm hoping they won't be as daunting as my first try doing a big book.  McDonald's was a bit of an indulgence, we were out almost all day and starving - when we get hungry - we get b*itchy with each other....so the food was worth us being nice :)

I included the car wash as an 'other' but perhaps that should have gone in transportation?  I'm not really sure.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with this.  As long as I don't spend more then $20 over the next week - which should be completely doable.  I would like to get out of the habit of spending my variable budget money during the first week I get paid, but it works out b/c Jordan gets paid on opposite weeks.


  1. Will your gas last you until next Friday? It looks like you do a good job of nailing the budget amounts.

  2. @ Mom - oh yea - gas should be just fine this week. I still have 3/4s of a tank left :) As long as gas prices don't go up that is.

  3. Scratch that, I should say 2/3s of a tank left :)

  4. LoL - If you're going to keep eating at McDonald's I may have to stop reading this receipt posts. They make me so nauseous. ;)

    J/K Great work keeping track of it all! I certainly don't have the patience to do that for sure.


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