This Weekend

So... what did we do this weekend?   I didn't post a list like some did, but there were a few things we wanted to and got done.

  • We bought my great aunt a laptop (she paid for it, we just shopped for it).  She wants to be able to e-mail family.  She's 80, and never experienced a computer before, so it'll be pretty interesting to teach her how to use it.  We've got it set up, and i'll probably deliver it on Tuesday.
  • Played WOW! Yea.. that wasn't really on the to do list, but I asked Jordan what we accomplished - and he said 'we played wow.
  • We did some grocery shopping (and yes, i kept the receipt and will be posting a summary of my spending at the end of this two-week period).
  • We got a huuge start on cleaning out the basement.
When we had all of our roommates shuffling around for the past couple of months, the basement became a sort of dumping ground.  We have Jordan's little brother coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks (starting Wednesday after school), and it was important that we gave him a space to hang out that wasn't his bedroom, or the living room - because we're just not very cool these days lol.  I really want him to be comfortable during his stay.  There's still some saving, selling and donating to do - but it's coming along.

On the PF side of things, Jordan's mom is giving us $150 for the duration of his stay.  Jordan and I give ourselves $50/week/each for groceries - so figured that $100 is safe for his stay, and the $50 is for any other incidentals that may come up...that said, neither of us know how much a 14 year old eats.  Any tips?


  1. I have a fifteen year old. He never stops eating :P

  2. To keep costs in check, Bake. Maybe he would even like to learn - who does not like choc. chip cookies? Or peanut butter? I miss cookies.

  3. @ Julie - lol, we'll try to keep that in mind

    @ Mom - he might, but we are not as cool as we were last summer... but baking is a good idea, and with a 14 year old in the house - it won't be me eating it all.

  4. getting money for relatives to stay over? hmm I wouldn't do that maybe there is more to the story then I know, but thats just my opinion. At least it helps keep costs in check.



  5. @ Canadian - 14 year olds (let alone anyone else) eat a tonne...his parents asked us to help out while they go out of town for a couple of weeks. We won't just be looking after him, but also there home (dog/fish/cat).

    As J and I are just working to get our financial house in check and are in our low/mid twenties without any $$ to spare, I think $150 is completely reasonable. If he was only staying for a day or two it would be different - but it's a full two weeks.

    You bring up an interesting point though, I wonder how other readers feel about that?

  6. I don't think getting $150 for keeping someone's child for 2 weeks and looking after their house is unreasonable. Family or not it still costs you some money to have this extra person.

    I will say if he is like my 15 year old twins, stock up on the milk :o)

  7. I would accept money if offered, but wouldn't ask for money. With friends/family I think it's important to be gracious if they offer anything but not to ask for something.

    Examples - A friend once stayed at our place in university for a couple weeks before her place was ready. We didn't ask for any money and she didn't offer, but she did get us a nice set of knives and cutting boards because she saw we needed them, which we really appreciated. Likewise, we let a friend's parents stay for free at our place when we were out of town so they wouldn't have to pay for a hotel, and they got us a bottle of wine and a restaurant gift certificate for $200 to a great steakhouse we loved.

  8. I think it's good that they offered and I personally would accept. Teen boys eat a lot, they use a lot of electricity etc. Plus the driving that they are going to need to do to look after the house as well are going to add up. Hope he enjoys his stay, and you do as well :)

  9. @ All - love all the feedback, thanks!!

  10. from my experience, 14 year old boys are like a vaccumous black hole. make sure you are WELL-stocked with food. try to get stuff that will really make him full though. protein, beans, good carbs and stuff. or else he'll just keep coming for more.

    does he play WOW too? maybe the three of you can all play it together. :)

  11. I also agree with "don't ask ... but accept if offered".

    One thing to consider - sometimes moms feel guilty about asking others to watch their child so, in effect, it makes them feel better and less guilty to offer something in exchange (money, gifts, favours ...)

  12. Pear is so right on with her description...vaccumous black hole (I love it). Lots of carbs and protein is key. Be prepared to be eaten out of house and home. Perhaps you can ask him or his mum what he likes to eat and stock accordingly. Have fun!

  13. He fends for himself quite a bit at home, so I've sent him a facebook message asking what his favorite breakfast/cereals is and what he likes to take for lunches... so hopefully this is helpful also.

    I think I'm going to take mom's suggestion to and do some mad baking tonight!



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