Bi-Weekly Budget

Here it is, my bi-weekly budget:

  • Current Balance
    • Whoa! What?!  Is that a minus?! ... yes, yes it is.  It has been an extremely hectic week with Jordan's little brother, and during a visit to the children's hospital this past Saturday I wasn't thinking about $$.  We needed some sustenance (we were there for about 8 hours, I won't go into details, but the kid's doing okay).
    • I'll take a $5 overdraft hit and some interest penalty
  • ING Transfers are all the same as usual
  • I've cut my entertainment and food budget a tad to make up for a $117.34 visa payment. Don't worry about the food and the 14 year old, we're managing well and still have some cash ($20) left over from last week and we're well stocked.  What pray tell is on my visa?
    • A $50+ charge from a restaurant that Jordan and I visited when we were in my home town over Christmas!  It just posted to my account and I  had forgotten about it.  Given this surprise, I'm thinking I should follow some of Gail Vaz-Oxlade's advise and reconcile!
    • $30 from my ancestry.ca registration, I started digging into my family tree again
    • Parking at the Children's Hospital
    • $20ish in interest from visa planning fail over Christmas.  Jordan owed me a couple hundred from Christmas spending and he didn't get paid until after my bill was due.  It was just a couple of days - but that surely won't happen again next year.
  • I'll be making a lump sum payment on my Canada student loan this pay day!
    • I thought about using this money to make up for the trip to the hospital and some of my visa bill, but that's really not in the spirit of getting my loan paid off - even if it was an emergency.
  • It's still crazy winter here, so my horse board will be $165 for a few more months yet (probably won't come down until April or May).
  • yes... i know.. bank fees still suck
  • Regular monthly student loan payments are set to come out as usual.
That should be everything!  questions/comments ?

Oh - and in case you are worried that having $0 for entertainment will set me up to use my Visa - I think it's safe - I've got some gift cards that I have saved from work and Christmas - but that's for another post.


  1. And you might earn more money - we don't expect you to clean for free.

  2. Hey I was watching that Ancestry.com commercial on TV today! Was YOUR great grandfather the only physician in the town? What a cool idea. Let me know if you find any cool information.

  3. @young - I usually find something different each time I go on and start searching! It's a great tool!


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