Job Security

It's kind of strange. I haven't been worried about my job in the last month and a half. Not since two more people left my group and I was given their jobs. I have been far too busy to think about job security.

Unfortunately there were two more lay offs from my Division (not the same as my group), and there have been a few corporate services - type lay offs from the national groups over the last two days. They havn't touched us yet (since April 1st, 2009), and people here seem to be fairly confident that they won't do lay offs from our group again.

But still.

It plagues me today - I wonder who they would let go if they have to let someone from our group go again.

I am still the lowest on the proverbial totem pole, but I have been since day one and four people who were more senior were let go.

There's nothing you can really do about it, and worry doesn't help anything. I just thought I would pass along my thoughts today.


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