Update & Bi-Weekly Budget Plan

Woohoo! Tomorrow is pay day, and I’ve got my pay stub.

I would like to offer a re-cap of the last two weeks. What I have attempted to do, is track my budget on a bi-weekly basis, rather then a monthly.

I spent about $300 on food, life and other variables using my debit – so this is okay! I also spent about $400 on my credit card (big sad face) this was on things from groceries, books, the pub, fun stuff – etc.

So, I figure that I owe myself.

With that in mind, below is a picture for the next two weeks. On the left column I have my fixed expenses, including an extra Visa payment. The top of this column are my fixed expenses during each pay period. Below the extra visa payment is a list of this pay periods fixed expenses. So this includes the house utility bills.

Given that I owe myself a little more than $400 – I have about $130 for my variables over the next two weeks. This has to cover groceries (probably not much), as well as a trip to my hometown for father’s day weekend.

I will do my best, but I am already anticipating that I will have to break out my credit card to cover the trip. I could not go – but that’s not going to happen. It’s not only father’s day, it’s also my Great Uncle’s memorial, plus I haven’t seen my family in what feels like forever.

In light of this anticipation – I’m not prepared to cut up my credit card (yet!), but I did create a ‘sleeve’ for it. It’s wrapped & taped in paper hid in the depths of my wallet. If I want to use it, I’ll have to read the messages I left for myself reminding me about how much I want to pay it off.

So – here we go, second set of bi-weekly budgeting.



  1. Not using the credit cards is a total mindset that is not easy to get used to, but is totally doable. Of course, I slip up here and there and make excuses or rant... but I am getting better and you will too! :)

  2. Thanks for the support!

    I'm hopeing that every month I 'owe' myself a little less - and slowly but surely I'll wean myself off of credit!

  3. You can use the Costco $$ to come home if you share with your brother.

  4. well all i can say to this blog is ...

    im buying groceries when i get paid :) and gas :)


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