Company Shares - Decision

A few days ago I wrote about purchasing company shares. I have decided to increase my bi-weekly contributions to $50 (from $26).

This will advance my goal of buying company shares to this December, 2009. Once I am able to purchase shares, I will decrease my contribution amount to $25/bi-weekly. I am doing this for a few reasons. I'm putting saving money this way because there is a minumum purchase amount of 20 shares, and then you can purchase later on in increments of 5.

I'm buying shares with my company for a few different reasons:
  • Increases ownership mentality
  • Demonstrates to my superiors/peers that I am committed to my company
  • My company is 100% employee owned and bases it's share price on the average of the previous 5 years earnings - making for a more stable growth in share prices
  • Share prices have been increasing steadily since the plans inception
  • My company not only pays divideds once a year, but also they pay an 'incentive payment' once a year (a different time) which is based on the profits of the company.


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  1. I thought you would go for it! Good reasons.


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