Saving Money - Reducing Bills

I have recently decided to increase my contributions to buy shares, as well as increase my student loan repayment. As things were already pretty tight, I felt I needed to 'find' more money within my budget. So following that, here's what I've done:
  • I have negotiated some of my utility bills, particularly my Express VU (TV) Bill this will save me $5/month (we split bills four ways, so everyone will save this).
  • I recently switched from a fixed rate to a variable rate on our enmax (heat - gas) bill, which will save us about $4/unit of consumption
  • I cancelled my WOW subscription - sad face - which will save me $15/month
  • I switched from the World Delux to the Canada Delux ancestry.ca subscription. This will save me $18/month (I will likely increase this again when I have more time to dedicate to my family tree projects)
  • Now that it's warm out, we have turned the thermistat to 10 (degrees celcious) - so it will probably not turn on for 2 sold months.
  • I have started taking advantage of gift cards and points.

To explain that, i recently cashed in some of my airmiles points and received 3 'night out' coupons for the movie theater (includes admission for two, pop, and popcorn). I've received $250 worth of gift cards (from volunteering at work) for a fantastic camping store. I have a $25 gift card for a drug store (from points).

So the actual amount of money I have freed up is $37/month. However; I beleive with doing the other things I mentioned, I will end up saving quite a bit more. This is the *hope*.



  1. It is all about priorities and choices, isn't it? I wany Dad to cancel the sat phone, and if it were only me, I'd cancel cable and watch my shows on the laptop.

  2. That looks like really easy ways to save some extra cash each month. Thanks for adding me to your blog! You're on mine as well and I'll definitely keep you in my reader also. :)


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