Camping Costs!

Jordan and are planning a camping trip from Friday (June 26) to Wednesday (July 1) - I have been so wrapped up thinking and planning for this trip I haven't had too many brilliant ideas for posting.

Jordan suggested I write about how much it costs to go camping!

Over the last two years, it has cost a lot - and I couldn't tell you exactly how much. Between buying coolers, tents, all manner of cooking supplies, bedding, spare tents, ect - it's a lot. That said, all of those supplies will last us a lifetime (if not the next 7 years or more).

This trip, we just have to buy food and booze for ourselves and Jordan's little brother. Right now I'm thinking it will cost about $100/liquor and $150/food. Though, there will also be gas which will be maybe $150?? We are driving about 12 hours to and from the campground from where we live. This of course will be split between J and myself - so we'll see how it all shakes down.

I have already paid $200 for the camping spots, which I'm supposed to get $$ back from our friends - but somehow I doubt that it will happen.

There's got to be a way to do it cheaper - but I'm just sure how. Suggestions?


  1. i want to go camping on those dates too!

    how to do camping on the cheap -

    1. camp closer to your house. 12 hours is a long way to drive! by camping closer you will save on gas.

    2. only camp in non-electrical sites. they are waaaaay cheap.

    3. try to limit your grocery shopping. check out what you have in your freezer. i like to bring something that is from my freezer for the first nights dinner. either chili or spaghetti sauce or some kind of soup. this way it keeps the food cooler and the first nights dinner is a breeze.

    4. skip a meal or two. i always end up planning these ginormous meals...and then we are too full from breakfast or too full from lunch to really eat properly.

  2. Generally speaking - we do camp closer to home, this is a once a year sort of trip.

    I do like the idea of pulling what's already in the freezer.. you're right about that keeping things colder longer... hmmm.

    And you are also probably right about skipping meals - that's a great idea, I always bring more food then we need.

    I'm seeing a lot of hot dogs in my future!

  3. I hope someone chips in for the spots, or I will feel pretty bad for bailing on you

  4. I'm pretty sure that amy & ian will. I have a hard time asking for money from friends, but I don't think itwill be a problem. So if I get $75-100 from them, that would be pretty awesome and it would pay for gas.

    Also - don't feel bad about it :) I like being prepared for things.

  5. Oh, i LOVE camping!! We're thinking about going next weekend as well. Hope you have fun!

  6. Thanks Frugal! We are pretty excited.


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