Saving Money on Utility Bills

Often we read about advise on how to lower your interest rates on the various forms of credit that is offered (credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, ect). Have you ever tried to lower other forms of expenses, such as your utility bills?

In our household we have three sets of bills:
  1. Enmax (gas, electricity, water, sewage, ect)
  2. Express Vu (television)
  3. Shaw (internet & phone)

We have recently been receiving a lot of promotional offers from Shaw, wanting to provide our TV services. We have an HD TV, and quite frankly - Bell still offers the best in HD TV, so I don't particularly want to cancel with them.

I called Express Vu and managed to get a $21.63/month savings on our bill. What services did i lose you ask? - None! We will keep the exact same services for about 23% less!!

Here's what I did:

  • Called and asked how much it would cost to cancel our TV services
  • Told them about the offer from shaw
  • Told them I liked Bell, and would like to stay - but couldn't justify the price difference
  • I asked if there were any options that we could explore
  • I was transfered to the loyalty department
  • The loyalty department (a guy named Jordan), spent a few minutes with me going over my services to see if there were any changes I would like to make - their wern't
  • I asked frankly "Do you have any options in terms of my pricing, I would like to stay with Bell but I can't justify this proce"
  • He said, how does 71.40 sound?
  • I said, it sounded perfect.


I've done this before with Shaw and received credits when new promotions come out for phone and internet services as well.

Does anyone else do this?



  1. WooHoo! There is some of your $$ for shares. I called persona because they have a promo offer right now, but there is no competition for them, so they wouldn't budge on price. Maybe I should try again

  2. It seems many companies are finally getting the idea of "client retention". It seemed to me for the longest time, companies didn't want to fight for your business, like they didn't need it. Now, with the fierce competition out there, they will do a lot to keep you.

    We have Rogers out here and they always throw in free services when I call so that they keep my business.


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