Camping Costs - Update

Well so far we've paid:

$180 (me) campground reservation - I should be getting about $90 back from my girlfriend and her partner for this.

Last night, Jordan spent:

$150/alcohol - keep in mind about $40 of this was for part of his mom's birthday present (two bottles of wine), and we probably won't drink all the booze we bought.

$70/f00d - all the 'dry goods' and long lasting root vegtables ect.

We still have to buy hotdogs, burgers, breads, eggs, ect. So I'm guessing we still will be spending about another $50-80 on food.

With the $90 I get from my friends, I can help pay for all the gas it will take to drive to BC.


  1. Where are you driving from? Alberta?

  2. Yup...we live in Calgary, AB and heading to Harrison Hot Springs, BC... it's about a 10 hour drive. We gain an hour with the time change (so, cooould be considered a 9 hour drive) but there will be some construction and 70km zones along the way.

  3. Haha! I am about 20 minutes from Harrison! I hope you like it!! I went camping at Lake Louise las summer - it was beautiful there!

  4. That's way too funny!!

    We went camping in Harrison last summer too and it was pretty great. We drive so far because my best friend lives in Vancouver so it's about an hour or two drive for her.

    Plus I grew up in BC, and I miss it!


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