Clothing Fund

I've decided to open a 'clothing fund'.

In my bi-weekly budget, I 'budget' spending between $20-$50 on my clothing & gifts category depending on what else is going on.  That money never winds up going to clothing, however often goes to gifts or 'other' stuff that might come up (*cough Halloween decorations).

I think that if I open an account for this category and not take the money out in cash every two-weeks it will be easier to accumulate so that I can actually buy some new clothes.

New clothes?!  Is that a need?

Actually, it is.  I work in a professional industry where presentation (self presentation and the presentation of my work) is very important.  Currently, my professional wardrobe is seriously lacking.  Plus I'm down to one good bra.  The girls need some support and one bra just isn't going to cut it!!  I am, we'll say, well developed in this front (ha-ha) and the two for $39.99 at La Senza (or wherever you smaller chested ladies shop) just isn't going to work it for me.

On my next pay I'm going to give this fund a bit of a jump start with $200 (which MIGHT by me two bras).  Following that I'm thinking $20/bi-weekly to this fund.

I'm wondering how much cash I'll have to stash before heading out to the stores.  Is $20/bi-weekly enough?  I have no clue what my goal should be.

I would so love advise on this one!


  1. I have an ING Savings account for clothes. I'm currently only putting in $20 a month. My workplace is casual so t-shirts and jeans are all I need. I think $20 or even more should be put into your clothing account. It costs more to buy professional outfits. (Of course, they last a lot longer too!)

  2. Clothing can often be one of those items folks forget to budget for on a regular basis. While Gail has that as one of her jars, I have not allocated for that to date but plan to as a regular monthly budget line as soon as my consolidated loan is paid off. Don't forget to allocate funds if those professional clothes need to be drycleaned. That can add up.

  3. Hi Jessie - I guess to answer your question it would depend on where you have to go to outfit your girls properly. Are you a specialty bra shopper, an Addition-Elle bra shopper or some other store? That should help you decide how much to put away each month.

    My personal thought on this is that $20 bi-weekly may not be enough to get what you need as soon as you are going to need it.

    Perhaps for the first few months you may look at putting $40 bi-weekly away.

    I too am blessed in the chest so I understand the inadequecies of La Senza. Addition-Elle has a pretty good selection and often has buy one gete on 40% off or buy one get one sales on their lingerie. Though I have been to specialty bra shops before and theirs are lovely, if you have the min. $120 per bra you'll need to dress the ladies to the nines.

    Best of luck on your wardrobe updating!!

  4. Hmmm I guess maybe what you should do is look at how much you have spent on clothes in the last year or two (depending on how far back your bank records go) and decide from that how much you "normally" spend and then reconcile that with your budget and how much you would like to spend.

    That should give you a better indication if $20/biweek is reasonable or not.

  5. It all depends on where you shop. Are you more TJ Maxx or Nordstrom? Banana Republic or Old Navy?

  6. Thanks for everyone's input so far.

    It's a tricky thing b/c I so rarely spend money on clothes or personal items. I mayyybe spend $300-$500/year on clothes probably less.

    I need at least two bra's and I expect they'll be at least $100/each which is why I'm going to start the fund off with that much. I'll need those right away.

    I don't really know what clothes are worth... I've been a student for so long (6 years of jeans/t-shirts) and now that I'm in a professional environment I've got to step up my game.

    I don't need to wear suits/skirts but I'll need dress slacks/blouses/nice sweaters. That sort of thing.

    Do you think $750 would be enough to do some serious professional clothing shopping - or do I need more? less?

  7. oh, and I don't have a regular place that I shop....I go for sales/deals...This time I want to buy some quality pieces that will look good and last a while.

  8. If we take some time on our Nov. trip to look in different stores, we could look at quality and price and work up a fund amount. Grandma and Deb will be good at quality.

  9. I have the exact same problem as you regarding the bras.. La Senza just does not cut it. The only bra I wear right now I got from a specialty shop in England and it cost me an arm and a leg!

    I would kinda think that $750 is a good amount, but it depends where you shop. I get the bulk of my work clothes from R.W. & Co., and I end up paying anywhere from $100 to $150 for a shirt/trousers, shirt/skirt combination.. which is pretty good imo.


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