January Spend Report

Here we go, January's spend summary.

The categories highlighted in pink, are all in the day-to-day spending category that we budget $425/week for.  So for January we were over budget by about $244.

We did go to Alberta twice if I'm remembering correctly, and it's hard not to eat out some when we do that, but we did make most meals at the house even though just about everything is packed.

Gas is pretty reasonable considering all the driving - but of course, gas in Alberta is pretty cheap right now (not where we are in BC though - it's about a 30 cent difference).

Entertainment includes our Netflix subscription, a few lettery tickets (Jordan), and what I'm assuming are a few slurpies and other quick-grab snacks at 7-11 from Jordan.

We had a few vehicle items in January, including renewing the insurance for the Kia which we paid for in a lump sum.  Home Maintenance included a $90 trip to Home Depot (can't remember what that was for, so I'm guessing Jordan went there), a $50 trip to the source (Jordan got a dongle for the TV to watch Shomi), and $35 at Walmart.

Reimbursable's  include all my trips to physio this past month, and a few odds and ends for Little Man.

It's really the last month where we can go over budget an we still have my income to cover it.  We're now just on EI, and need to get closer to not over spending.  Which us luck for February....where we have four trips to Alberta planned.


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