Monthly Spend Report

There are probably some items on the April spend report that I'll get hammered for, but there are some really good things too!  Here it is:

Gas was very high however we made two trips to my hometown as well as several trips out to our new home and the Airport - plus with gas prices on the rise, I'm not really surprised by this number even though it is the most we have spent on gas in nine months!

I'm hoping you are all proud of Jordan and I for the 'booze' category!  This is the LEAST amount we've spent on alcohol in nine months!

Eating out...is well, is anyone surprised?  This is the worst month in nine months...I hate when we're trying so hard and wind up failing.

The Reimbursable's are for my trip to Toronto, Saskatoon will be on the next month.

Groceries is average and entertainment is a bit high (we went out to the movies a few times with friends).

Pets is astronomical....we had a horrible couple of weeks with our dog.  She ate our $200 fish tank filtration system, several library books, chocolate, two pairs of shoes ect.  We unfortunately spent a lot of money replacing things she destroyed, buying her new/better distraction toys as well as an electronic collar so we can work on training her better.  Needless to say, she's being kenneled again during the day.

Medical was just a couple runs to shoppers drug mart for prescriptions and banking was INTEREST! yea... I know...I'll do a credit card update later this week...I'm ignoring it right now.

Clothes..... so, you know I'm getting married?  Well, I bought some getting married attire for Vegas.

Jordan's mom was in the hospital for a day this month, so the emergency was parking/lunch for him while he spent the day with her.

There it is, the raw numbers....questions/comments?


  1. We spend a lot on gas as I have a long commute but we knew that when we bought our place. There's really not much you can do if you have trips planned.

    You should give yourself a pat on the back for the booze category. That's great. To be honest, I think that your grocery category is very low, too. When you grocery shop, do you plan for a few quick and easy meals? I know that buying frozen pizza or lasagna is more expensive but it helps when we want to go out to eat that we can just pop something in the oven. Another thing you could do to cut down on your eating out would be to plan your meals when you are out and about. I will put bananas or other snacks in my purse so we can have a snack until we're able to get home. You could also do sandwiches or another snack.

    I completely understand shopping for clothes for your honeymoon. Just be sure that you really love the clothes and you're not just buying them because you will wear them in Vegas.

    Also, bravo to you for posting your monthly spending. I know that its not always easy to read the comments but you are going in the right direction.

  2. Life as they say, "happens". If you're a first time dog owner I would give you 2 pieces of advice. Exercise is #1. A tired dog is a good dog. We have two and if they don't get their walks their lives (and ours) are miserable. (I hate it when it rains for days.) I'm showered, dressed, up & out the door by 7:00am to take them for a 1/2hr walk. I used to be up at 5:30am to do that but with my new job I can get away with sleeping in until 6:15am. At night while I'm making supper my husband takes them for another 1/2 walk. As my dogs are older, one's a senior, this amount suffices. With a younger dog you may need to up it a bit. Because I walk them in the morning and they get all their "business" done they sleep all day, no accidents and I've been able to do away with having to kennel them. However I do believe in kenneling, it's just nice to not have to do it anymore. That brings me to #2, kenneling. I think it's an excellent idea, just don't use it as punishment. When I was kenneling my dogs I always had a treat and a toy that they would ONLY get when they went into the kennels. After we'd all been for a walk, when I was getting ready to leave for the day both of them would be waiting in their kennels for their stuff, tails wagging, so excited. There was never any whining or scratching to get out. And make sure your kennel is big enough that he can sleep comfortably in it. We now have our husky/shepard cross's kennel downstairs and that's where he goes to sleep during the day when we're home.

    As for the rest of your expenses, I'm sure you'll get them in line once your life settles down. Good luck.

  3. I think you are doing quite well. Like Anon said, you'll get them in line once life settles a bit. I can't believe your dog ate so much stuff. wow.


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