Mid-June Monthly Check In

Jordan and I set a pretty lofty goal for ourselves in terms of spending only in the gas and groceries categories for the month of June (less the wedding).  We haven't quite stuck to that - but I wanted to do a pulse check before the end of the month so we don't slide to far off the tracks.

As of June 21st - this is where we were at:

I'm actually pretty pleased with how this is coming together!  We went to the movies once and I had forgotten about our Netflex subscription when I said there would be no spending in entertainment (oops).  We did go out to eat once when we were in my parents home town.  I rationalized this because my mom, who's awesome, paid for my hair consult which would have been a wedding expense.

Whoohoo!! Under $500 and we're past the half way mark!  If we keep this under $900 by July 5th - we've done an ammmazing job!

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  1. Jessie, you are doing a great job. Good for you! I'm very impressed :)


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