March Spend Report

Here is the summary of our where our variable dollars went in March.

We spent a tonne on eating out...again.  Booze was a lot, but I'm not really surprised. Annual Expenses included renewing our tenants insurance and Jordan's truck registration.  Home Maintenance included some adapter thing for the TV and an Energy Efficiency Rating Assessment for our new home.  The wedding was a slue of things (I'll put in a separate post) - the rest was just miscellaneous items.
To put this in perspective, here is snapshot of the months since we've been tracking and our Average since August, 2010:

click on the image for a larger view


  1. I have a question. Is the "booze" cost due to going to bars and ordering drinks or is this the cost at the LCBO/Beer Store? Just curious...

  2. Oh, one more question (because I want to live vicariously through you!). You're "eating out" costs - how often do you eat out?

  3. @ Makky's Mom - Booze is alcohol purchases at liquore stores :)

    I did a post a few months ago that broke down our eating out costs, I'll do one again and update it so you can see the break down better.

    Most of our eating out are silly - like tim hortons for a sandwich because we came out of the grocery store starving.

  4. Jessie, I don't understand how you're spending so much on booze. Do you drink a lot? I know that's kind of a silly question but you're spent over $90 per week on booze. I know that a while back you said that you had restocked your home bar. Do you provide booze for all your guests? Could you maybe do BYOB? I'm not trying to be hard on you but I'm just trying to understand.


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