Monthly Spending Check-in

I don't usually do a post mid-month anymore checking on with our spending but with trying to rein everything in, I thought it couldn't hurt.  Here's where we currently stand:

The total is the sum of all of the spending so far less the reimbursable expenses which I should get paid for on my last pay this month.  Typically our budget is for spending at about $1,350/month but we're trying to get it down to about $1,000 so that we can put that $350 to better use.

If we want to do that for May, we need to spend less than $100 2.5 weeks - I'm not so sure we can do it with a trip to my hometown coming up for the May long weekend.


  1. Holla! You are doing a great job, Jessie! Your categories are so low, especially the eating out and booze. I wish that we had only spend $150 this month on gas. I'm kind of embarrassed by how much we've spent. Is $1000 for all spending realistic? There's no way that we could get that low.

  2. Good job coming in under $1K. I bet you could spend under $100 if you really tried hard. Good luck!

  3. Seems like you're doing a great job so far keep up the good work. I'm sure you'll be able to spend less then $100 no prob.


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