a Playpen for Little Man

Little Man has started rolling over from tummy to back, and he's made it half way from back to tummy.  So far when I have wanted to give him space to play and learn and develop his muscles we have done so on a yoga mat on the floor with me siting with him.  We have three dogs in the house, and while they have all been respectfully curious of him, I'm also not going to leave him alone to get run over when they start playing.  That said, it would be nice to be able to get up once in a while and get dishes done, or supper started with both hands.

So, we thought that a playpen would do the trick.  We still have money in the baby fund, but rather than jump the gun and purchase something new right away, I thought I would post in our towns local Facebook classifieds group.  Within an hour, I had three offers that ranged from free to $100 - so naturally I checked out the free option.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but it turns out that was for naught.  The playpen is perfect!  And Little Man seems to think it's pretty good too.

I just folded one of my quilts and laid it on the bottom along with some toys, and he's happy for a solid 20 minutes without being in my arms.  Woohoo!



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