Wedding Ring

This weekend, among many other things that got done, we bought our wedding bands.  While we bought my engagement ring at Spence Diamonds, we found the bands at Michael Hill.  They had the best price for the ring that suited the engagement ring the best!

Before we stopped into Michael Hill we had come to the conclusion (after visiting half a dozen other Jewelers, including Spence) that to get what we wanted, we weren't going to be able to stick to our $1,000 or under budget.  We went back to the wedding numbers and decided we could, at a stretch, make $1,500 work.

Michael Hill was having a sale and the representative first said that he could sell us my ring, and Jordan's for $1,750 before tax and before any sort of maintenance/insurance plan. We told him that it needed to be under $1,500 for it to work and he said he would see what he could do.

After about ten..fifteen minutes, he came back to us saying that he would sell us my ring for $1,499 and 'give' us Jordan's ring next Saturday when he can capitalize on another sale he's having.  It seemed a little sketchy but he wrote everything down and we have receipts so went with it!

I'm so excited that we found the perfect ring!  I have a picture of mine, but wasn't able to find Jordan's online. The little bit of curve fits around the setting of the engagement ring beautifully.

The wedding band is 18K white gold with a total carat weight of 0.50 and the engagement ring is 19K white gold with a carat weight of 1.16...I find it very bizarre that for wanting something simple Jordan and I both fell in love with rings that are absolutely princess.


  1. Lovely rings and it sounds like you found a great deal. I am actually thinking of using a different rock to the traditional diamond for the engagement ring but I haven't fully decided on that as yet.

    Also I love the new design and color scheme.

  2. That's a gorgeous ring! glad you got something you wanted for the right price. BTW looooove the new look on your page.

  3. @ Counting - thank you, thank you!!

  4. My engagment ring is one of those ones with two bands that split a little on each side when they reach the centre diamond. We looks at getting a wedding band but it looked so awkward bent around the centre cluster (diamond and diamonds around). I ended up not getting a band which suited me just fine and was good for the budget. My husand was totally set on a tacori rin ($2500) with no diamonds... turns out we got a very similar ring only not as heavy in weight for under $500. It pays to have a budget otherwise things get out of control FAST.


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