Suits: Check

Jordan, his best man, and his groomsman went suit shopping this weekend.  It was their second trip and they found everything they needed!  The guys wound up with a dark charcoal suit, white french cuff shirts, purple ties, and purple cuff links!

They went to a variety of different stores but had all agreed they wanted to purchase instead of rent so that they had a good suit to use in the future.  When they started out looking at different shops they found suits ranging in price from $150-$1,500.  

The price point that wound up being the most comfortable for all three of them was at TipTop Tailors which was about $500 each.

Here's the breakdown of the cost:

Unfortunately, no one came prepared to pay for their suits so Jordan and I footed the entire bill - my credit card is now screaming.  The Best Man will be paying us back for his bit sometime this week and we expect the other groomsman (his brother) to pay us back this week as well. 

I was budgeting approximately $800 for Jordan's suit however; so in that sense the weekend/suit shopping was a great success!  I'm really glad Jordan found something that worked for him and his men that worked for the pocket book.

oh- I should mention.  The Best Man did buy his own tie (we bought those at another store) and the groomsman's shirt cost more because of the length of his back - it needed to be a bit special.  


  1. Another item to cross off the list. Things are going great for you :)

  2. How do people go suit shopping and find themselves unprepared to pay for their suits? Suit *shopping* .... the name of the activity kind of gives away the requirements.


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