Jordan's Income Potential

Yesterday I shared with you that Jordan will be getting a job promotion within the next couple of weeks.  I took the potential for his gross salary and broke it down based on current pay stubs and the Canada Revenue Agency's payroll calculator to get a close guesstimate of his potential net take home pay.

I highlighted the cells in  yellow that I know will change but that i'm not 100% sure what the premium calculations are based on - they likely will only change within a couple of dollars or so.

We're pretty excited that come July Jordan's take home pay will be increasing by about $114 -$175 a month.

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  1. That's great to see the increase in monthly income. Have you decide where you want to allocate those funds? Watch out in the future sometimes raises mean a decrease in pay because it pushes you into the next tax bracket. It totally happened to me, brutal.


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