Jordan is Getting Promoted

Jordan called me yesterday at work with some very exciting news!  After working at his truck/trailer rental company for the last three years as the Parts Supervisor, he is being promoted to the Repair Dispatch Manager.  

This promotion will open a lot of doors for growth within his company.  With this transition he'll now have two to three people reporting to him as well as a variety of increased responsibility.  As the job still has a huge parts element to it, he'll be able to finish his third, and final, year of his Parts Technician Apprenticeship.

They are offering Jordan $200-300/month increase in salary (don't ask why they talk like that, he is salaried) - with some quick math we see that they are offering $2,400 to $3,600 increase in pay.  As his current salary is $42,000 he's looking at ending up at $44,400 to $45,600 which is a 5.71% to 8.57% increase in pay.

At this point he doesn't actually know where in that range he's going to fall - but either way it's a significant raise (percentage wise).

I did a bit of research on salaries in Alberta for this job based on the NOC.

A starting hourly rate for this type of job in 2009 was $20.17 which equals = $42,000 the average rate of pay for this job in 2009 was $24.04 which = $50,000

So if they get Jordan up to $45,000 a year right now that seems fair with your three years parts background – but within two years I believe he should expect to be at about $50,000 (keeping in mind this data is two years old…so really it should be a bit higher because of cost of living and what not)….but it gives you a good sense of things.

Congratulations Jordan!  I am so proud of you!


  1. Congrats. This is good news for the both of you.

  2. Im looking forward to the challenges and more money in our pockets

  3. Jordan - the key is to KEEP the extra money in the pockets! Most of us succumb to 'lifestyle inflation' once we get a raise and spend the extra dough. Hopefully you two are both smarter than most of us!

  4. Congrats! Promotions are the best, arent they!?

  5. Congratulations Jordan!

  6. That is awesome news!! Congratulations on the promotion!


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